What is the maximum number of people that can fit on each style of bus?

30 sleeper motorcoach, 56 traditional passenger motorcoach

Do all buses have restrooms?

Yes, all Eagle Wings buses have full functioning restrooms.

How long has Eagle Wings been in business?

Eagle Wings has been in business since 1997. Learn more about our history by reading the About Us page

Do all Eagle Wings buses have TVs and DVD players?

Currently, only our traditional 56 passenger buses have TVs and DVD players installed.

Are you allowed to have alcohol or smoke on a bus?

Smoking and alcohol use is prohibited on all Eagle Wings buses.

How long can a driver legally drive?

Per federal law, a driver can work a total of 15 hours on duty, with 10 hours driving in any 24 hour period. When a driver reaches either the 10 or 15 hour maximum, they are required to have at least 8 consecutive hours off duty before they can be on the bus again. Eagle Wings will work with all trip planners to make sure their itinerary will allow for driver time off or potentially a second driver to finish the trip.

Are all buses climate controlled?

Yes, all Eagle Wings buses are climate controlled.

How much insurance does Eagle Wings carry?

Eagle Wings carries a Motor Carrier Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Certificate of Insurance for $5 million which is on file with the State of Indiana. In addition, Eagle Wings carries an excess liability policy of $5 million.

Are buses equipped with GPS?

Yes, all buses have GPS systems.

When is a good time to book a trip?

Our schedule can get booked very quickly, especially during the late fall and spring seasons. We recommend all groups to book their travel needs at least 6 to 9 months before the departure date. This will allow a preference of bus style and date availability.

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